Pet of the Month

What is an animal shelter?

Well, the animal shelter is a place where stray, lost, abandoned, or surrendered animals are kept.

The two main types of shelters are kill-shelters and non-kill shelters. At the kill shelters, they gain so many pets that people have returned or have been rescued that they end up not having enough room for all the animals. In order for the new pets to come in they must let some of the other pets go. By that I mean they are euthanized. At the non-kill shelters, they too also gain lots of pets, but when they have no more room for the animals they have to turn them away.

About 7.6 million pets enter shelters nationally each year, and about 3.7 million of those pets end up being euthanized each year nationally.

Every month I will feature a new pet from a shelter. This month’s featured pet is – Batman!

This dog you see in the pictures is Batman. He will be our featured pet of February.

Facts about him –

  • Breed: Bull Terrier Mix

  • Color: black and white

  • Age: 1 year old

  • Gender: male

  • Spayed/neutered: yes

  • Adoption fee: $10

  • His ears are the reason his name is Batman

The reason that I decided to feature Batman this month is because he is one of the dogs that has been at the shelter the longest (he has no health issues that has caused him to stay at the shelter). He is so sweet and playful! He has lots of energy so make sure that you’re ready to play with him a lot!!

Go check him out at the Bossier City Animal Control.

They are located at 3217 Old Shed Rd, Bossier City, LA 71111, (318) 741-8499

Mabry is an animal hero and proud PEP! Volunteer! She spends her spare time visiting the pets at Bossier City Animal Control and volunteering with PEP! She always brings a smile with her and cares so deeply for every pet she meets!

Kids like Mabry are making a difference for shelter pets around the world. It's up to their generation to be the change we want to see in the world.

Our programs give kids just like her an outlet to get active and involved in being a part of the change for animals! If you would like to donate to our humane education programs please click here: www.ilovepep.org/donate