Animal Hoarding

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What is it, animal hoarding is when a person has more than the typical number of pets. The person cannot provide the stuff you need for the pets as food, water, shelter, or a clean place to live.

They can range in age from a teen to an older person. It can be any gender and older people are more likely to be an animal hoarder. They think the animals are good in their care and their healthy when animals are not. Some reasons why people hoard animals because depression, paranoia, and other mental conditions.

Some signs of an animal Hoarder:

  • They have a lot animals and may not even know how many.

  • Their home is not clean and has dirty windows, cracked walls, broken furniture.

  • Their home smells strong of urine and the floor may be covered in urine, vomit or feces.

  • The animals are lethargic and under socialized with animals and people.

  • They say the animals are happy and good in their care.

What can you do if you think someone is an animal hoarder.

  • Call your local humane law enforcement department.

  • Contact social service group.

  • Tell your parents.

  • Talk to the animal hoarder that it’s okay that they’re going to help

Written by Jessica A., age 16.

Jessica is a PEP! Squad leader and an active volunteer. Even though she lives across the country, she has led a huge initiative to raise awareness for PEP! in her community!

Jessica hosted a PEP! table at her local pet expo and was able to raise and collect hundreds of dollars worth of donations for PEP! She is a true animal hero!

Jessica has 3 pets; Chloe, a bearded dragon, her pup Skipper, and Rascal, her kitty cat!



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