Get Your Window Cling & Save a Life!

Have you ever had the thought "What would happen to my pet if there was an emergency and I wasn't home?" It's scary to think about, but being prepared for emergencies is important.

In case of an emergency

During an emergency or disaster, pets can get scared and hide under beds or in closets, which can make it difficult for rescuers to find them.

That is why we are releasing our new window clings and you are getting the first look! These are so easy to use. You just fill out the number of pets you have and place it in an easily viewed area. If help comes before you get home, they will be able to tell how many pets need rescuing! Who would have thought a simple sticker can help save lives?!

Now for the fun part! Here is your chance to get your paws on one of our window clings! Anyone who signs up for our PAWtreon in August will get a free window cling!

If you are already a PAWtreon and would like a window cling, all you have to do is boost your pledge by $1 or refer a friend to sign up!

Join Patreon for just $1!

Remember, every dollar pledged equals one kid educated on proper pet care!

So how bout it?! Are you ready to save some lives?!

Join Patreon today! www.patreon.com/peteducationproject

If you are still not sure what Patreon is, check out our blog post!


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