Meet Chessie! The Rescue Pup Who Smiled Her Way Out of the Shelter and into a FURever home!

Chessie smiles and waits for her forever home.

Big dogs are often overlooked at rescues and shelters. So shelter pups like Chessie may find themselves waiting months and sometimes years to find their forever home. When a shelter is full of big dogs, it may be hard to stand out from the pack but Chessie had a special way of getting people to notice her.

Chessie, once called Curly Sue, was turned in as a stray to animal control. She was originally listed as a heartworm positive Labrador Retriever so her only hope was to be pulled by a rescue.

The Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana saw her picture and quickly noticed that Chessie was actually not a lab!

She was Chesapeake Bay Retriever, a rare and lovable breed! Thus the name Chessie! After her heartworm treatment, she sat at the shelter for over 1 year! "People just overlooked her- her size of 100lbs and her smile worried potential adopters. They thought she was growling and showing teeth" says HSNLA Director, Courtney Wingate.

HSNWLA Director, Courtney and Chessie

That smile that scared so many potential adopters won Courtney's heart. She decided to officially adopt Chessie just one year after she entered the rescue. And it has been fun and chaos since! You can say Chessie is the spice of life! Because her favorite treat? Anything spicy! Flaming hot cheetos- no problem! A can of cajun seasoning- no problem!

Her owner says her favorite thing about Chessie is of course when she smiles. "She will smile when she is so excited and happy, or anxious, or when she is guilty and she knows she did something wrong." And that smile is winning hearts everywhere!

Who needs Kongs when you have a pepper shaker?

I asked Courtney what was her favorite Chessie story! She said she attended the color run and she brought home an extra dye packet. Chessie decided to get into it and it busted everywhere all over Chessie and the house! There was purple die everywhere! Chessie was fine, the carpet, not so much!

It seems that no matter what Chessie does, her smile can always get her out of trouble!

Dryer sheets? Not safe with Chessie!

Chessie did the dew!

Now that Chessie is out of the shelter, she really has a reason to smile!